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                                        Haze Remover Software

A software developed by Image Registration and Fusion Systems  removes haze from outdoor images, enhancing them. The image on the
left shows a hazy image and the image on the right shows the haze removed image. An interactive interface makes it possible to remove
haze locally through a circular window. The size of the window and its location can be interactively changed with the motion of the mouse.
Haze removal is automatic when applied to an entire image. Automatic haze removal produces an image that contains the highest entropy,
ensuring maximum information produced in an image. Use this software to automatically/interactively remove haze from your outdoor
images. For additional information see the
Haze Remover page or contact

(left) A hazy image and local haze removal.  (right) Automatic haze removal. The double-window interface makes it possible to compare the
haze-removed image with the original hazy image.

                                         Image Fusion Software

It is not always possible to capture an image of a scene that is well-exposed and well focused everywhere. Lighting across the scene can
vary, making some image areas too dark or too bright. Also, due to the 3-D structure of the scene, only parts of the scene near the focus
plane can  appear sharp in the image. To produce an image that is well exposed and well focused everywhere, a number of images at
different focus levels and different exposure levels are obtained and the images are fused into a single well focused and well exposed
Image Registration and Fusion Systems has developed an image  fusion methodology that combines images in such a way to
maximize entropy. The fused image is ensured to contain more visual information about the scene than any other fused image obtained
from the same set of images. An example fusion of multi-exposure images by this software is given below. Five images obtained at
different exposure levels are combined into a single well-exposed image.

Fusion of multi-focus images by this software is demonstrated below. Image (c) is obtained by fusing images (a) and (b).

Image fusion methods assume the images to be fused are registered. Often, captured images are not registered, especially when they are
obtained by a hand-held camera. A version of the fusion software that registers the images before fusing them is available. An example of
this software is given below. Plates (a) - (d) show images obtained at different exposure levels. These images are slightly shifted with
respect to each other due to camera motion. Plate (e) shows fusion of images (a) - (d) before registration and plate  (f) shows fusion of the
images after registration. For additional examples of the combined image registration and fusion software, visit the
Combined image
registration and fusion page.
Image Registration and Fusion Systems, Beavercreek, Ohio, U.S.A., Copyright 2017  
Sample Software Products
                                            Image Alignment Software

By spatially aligning two images of a scene, 1) changes in the scene occurring between the times the images are obtained can be
determined, 2) information in the images can be combined to create an image with a richer source of information about the scene, and 3)
the 3-D structure of  the scene can be recovered. Plates (a) and (b) below show aerial images of a suburban scene captured from different
views. By aligning the images at the ground level, heights of structures above the ground can be determined. Plate (c) shows alignment of
images (a) and (b). Image (a) is shown in light blue while image (b) after coordinate transformation to align with image (a) is shown in red.
Viewing image (c) with red-blue stereo glasses, you can see the 3-D structure of the scene. Use this software to create stereo images from
your regular images. Also, use this software to highlight scene changes occurring over time, or to combine information in multimodality
images, such as optical and infrared images, to identify hot bodies in the scene that are otherwise invisible. For further examples/details
about this image alignment/registration software, visit the
Image alignment/registration page, or contact

                                                           (a)                                                                                                                         (b)
(a), (b) Aerial images of a suburban scene taken from different views. (c) Spatial alignment of the image. The aligned images are shown in
stereo. Use blue-red stereo glasses to view the 3-D structure of the scene.
                              (a)                                                                                (b)                                                                               (c)
                    (a)                                                           (b)                                                            (c)                                                       (d)
                                                           (e)                                                                                                                             (f)    
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                                                                 Image/Video Capture, Load, and Save

This software can detect cameras, choose the desired camera, capture a single frame or a video sequence, and display or save it. It can
also read an image or a video from a file on your Windows PC and display it. Images can be in jpg, tif, png, and other popular formats and
videos can be in avi format. The software allows specifying the dimensions of the image/video to be captured and whether the image/video
should be in color or gray scale. Use this software to take pictures and videos, view pictures and videos captured earlier, and display live
video from the built-in camera or a USB camera attached to your Windows PC.
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